Smart insurance
that keep you
home & stuff safe

Here is how our smart insurance works:

Protected inside and outfrom your phone
Starting from 30 SAR/month. (not a typo)
Get covered in 90 seconds.

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Who we are

Yasmina offers a digitally native Home & Renters Insurance

We do this by leveraging Artificial Intelligence, chatbots, and behavioral economics, which we apply to both insurance issuance and claims.


Peace of mind in
90 seconds

Most importantly: Insurance that
people love buying because it
gives them peace of mind & a
fallback plan..

Value for Money

Our prices are affordable, and
it starts from 1 SAR a day

 simple & time effective
Simple & Time Effective

You can insure you home from
anywhere on your phone

Trusted & Transparent
Trusted & Transparent

Our polices are issued by
Walaa Cooperative Insurance
Co, regulated by SAMA

Speaks Your Language
Speaks Your Language

Our chatbot is smart enough
to insure your home, without
talking to agents

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Good to know

The Yasmina

Buy your Home Insurance in 90
seconds, online, and pay monthly,
and we protect your home from:

fire and smoke

Fire and smoke








Crime, theft

water damage

Water damage


Walaa Cooperative Insurance Company

When you purchase through Yasmina, your
policy is issued by Walaa Cooperative
Insurance Co, which is regulated by the
Saudi Central Bank (SAMA).

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